‘I am inspired to draw on the varied moments of my own life, to weave people and places into the narrative of our collections’. – Veronica de Piante, creative director and founder

The Veronica de Piante collections are made up of modern tailoring, exquisite knits and elegant outerwear; all realised in Italy by multi-generational, family-run factories, with the finest Italian materials. The garments are designed with a sensibility meant to be passed on in time.

It’s a collection woven together from a patchwork of Veronica’s experiences and upbringing lived between cultures. From the people we work with, to the way we design, to the tone of our messaging; we value a mindful and personal approach. 

An integral part of Veronica de Piante is our engagement with SEP Jordan - the Social Enterprise Project in Jordan working to create sustainable paths to economic independence for hundreds of women and their families.